How to Make $100 a Day With

Building up gradual, residual income streams is the best way to make money online. And there are so many possibilities in terms of what you can do that it can make your head swim. HubPages is one such method, and it is more than possible to make $100 a day or more using the site. You just need to understand how to do it.

What is HubPages?
HubPages is a site that lets you create what are known as “hubs" or mini websites. It's free to sign up and use and because there are so many users and the site ranks well in the search engines, you have the potential of getting a lot of visitors.

See What Others are Publishing
Before you get started creating your first hub, my advice is to spend some time looking at other people's hubs, especially those that are ranked well on the site and have a lot of comments. The idea is to get a feel for the kind of content people want to read. This will eventually translate to more money in your pocket.

Making Money with Ads on HubPages
HubPages has a built in advertising feature for certain affiliate programs and ad networks. These include Adsense, Kontera text link ads, the Amazon affiliate program and the eBay affiliate program. If you build a quality lens with great content, these ads can help earn you some money.

Promoting Other Affiliate Programs with (HubPages)
When created your hub, it's important to understand that creating great content is the most important thing. If you write things that people will want to read, you'll be more likely to get people to click on your affiliate link.
However, on "HubPages", I've learned that you have to be careful. Just put one link for the product you are promoting and nothing more. And, it is best to wait a week or so before putting links to affiliate programs. You don't want people to think that your Hub is spam.

Step By Step Guide to Making $100 a Day on HubPages
Now that we have the basics out of the way, I thought I'd compile a step by step guide that will help you reach your $100 a day goal on HubPages:.
  1. Sign up for the ad and affiliate programs that are automatically featured on |HubPages| and enter the proper information in the “Affiliate Settings" that are listed under “My Account". 
  2.  Create accounts at the affiliate network, Clickbank at the very minimum. However, there are other affiliate networks you can sign up for including CJ and Paydotcom. 
  3.  Spend some time browsing through successful hubs written by other people on the site. Write down any ideas that come to you. 
  4.  Research one main keyword related to each idea. When you start your hub, make sure the keyword is in the title. 
  5. Write the hub. You can choose to put eBay products or Amazon products on it. Publish it. Make sure the Hub has at least 400 words of content on it. You can also put the RSS feed to your blog or even a squidoo lens on the same subject.
  6. Spend some time commenting on other people's Hubs and building your friends list.
  7. After a week our so, add one affiliate link to a product that relates to the subject of your Hub.
  8. Promote your Hub using a variety of methods including social networking and article marketing.
  9. Set a goal to create a few Hubs a day and you'll be on your way to meeting your goal!
As you create more and more hubs and they gain popularity, you'll find that your earnings will start to increase.

  NOTE:   Don't get discouraged if it takes about a month or more to start making money. Just don't give up and eventually you'll meet your goal.