Fiverr is an online resource where ordinary people ARE buying and selling services (known as gigs) for $5.00. I will reveal to you how I sell more than $5

 You need to be creative in many areas or you can sell all the ebooks you have downloaded  that are doing nothing on your laptop

1. Need a WordPress blog installed on your server? Get it done 
    for $5.00.

2. Know how to create a cover for an 

    e-book, graphics, header? Sell that service for $5.00.
3. I will send to you site now 60000 traffic 
    for $5
4. I will create a 5 minutes video of your choice for $5
5. I will teach my secret on how I make $130 on CPA weekly for  $5.
6. You can offer to sell your Twitter followers,
7. You can sell traffic to sites,
8. You can sell your facebook likes,
9. You can sell graphics of any kinds,
10. You can sell your software you have master resell right off.
11. Also, you may sell any PLR/MRR article you have for cool  
12. Anything of TATTOO is sellable too
13. How to make money online and office ebooks/pdf are sellable 
14. Logo and Banna design are hot on fiverr

These are just it wait
 There are more to just buying and selling services and products for $5.00. The entire world of unlimited possibilities for making money exists at when you know how to do it. Or exploit it right which you will have at you laptop soon. just get ready

Your first task is to create an account on
Step 1. Open your favorite browser now and type, and then press ENTER.
You should see the home page of the site that looks just like this  screenshot: above

Step 2. At the top of the page on the far right side, click the word Join.
The following pop-up box will be displayed

Step 3. Fill in the fields for Email

(a), Choose Username
(b), Choose Password
(c), and Are You Human
(d), Next, read and accept the terms of service
(e) , and then click the Join button.

Step 4. Now you will see a page displayed with a message that says, Activation link was emailed to you.? (as  the following screen shot.)

Step 5. Open your email account (the one that you just provided during the sign-up phase), and then open the message from that has a subject line that reads, Fiverr: Registration Confirmation

Step 6. Click the confirmation link inside the email message.

Step 7. If you followed these instructions exactly, then you should be taken to a page on that says,  Account successfully activated. This is a great time to edit your profile. The page should look similar to the  following pics

Step 8. Now that your account has been set up, make sure that you store your user name, password, and the email you used for in a safe place. Most important is to remember your login information, which will allow you to gain access to your account the next time you’re online.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the registration and sign-up process for Welcome aboard the site for success!

FINALLY ; You will need to create your PROFILE to tally with the job you are doing or offering.