How To Make money on Affiliate Marketing-Tips for Newbies online

1. Select a good niche. A niche is a field or subject or interest you are comfortable with and have expertise in.
2. Niche selection should be based on our personal interest and the popularity of the niche. Some examples of popular niches are poker, education, health, etc.
3. Do not select a niche where there is too much competition.
4. Select a good product based on your niche.
5. Do a thorough research before selecting your product.
6. Since you are a newbie to affiliate marketing, do not select a product that is too popular because you will have to face a tough competition, which will be difficult to win.
7. That being said, don't select a product that is very less popular. A product may be less famous because of three reasons.

a. Being new to the market.
b. Having not much profitability in the sales of the product.
c. Bad product.
Selecting a bad product may initially give you profit, but later on you will have to face lots of refunds and even your credibility may be lost in that process.
8. Pay careful attention to product selection to avoid refunds.
9. Select a product you believe in. Differently said, select a product that you yourself would buy. If you don't believe in a product, it would be really difficult for you to promote it.
10. Being a newbie, it will be easier to promote non-tangible products like e-books, domain hosting, memberships, etc.
11. Learn a lot about affiliate marketing and how to promote affiliate products.
12. Join courses that will really teach you affiliate marketing.
13. Take advantage of the valuable information on affiliate marketing that is available for free on the internet.
14. Before joining a program, don't forget affiliate marketing:
a. Is not a make quick money scheme.
b. You earn only after you sell a product.
c. You don't earn by just joining a program or course or becoming a member of a site. These sites only teach you to sell a product and you are the one who is going to sell the product.
15. Do a thorough research about your niche, your product, and affiliate marketing.

16. Read about success stories in affiliate marketing to get motivation.
17. Read about marketing gurus and have them as your role model.
18. Follow these gurus.
19. Learn through their webinars and read their websites and blogs.
20. Plan your working hours, let it be 30 minutes per day or 3 hours per day, allocate some time in your daily schedule for affiliate marketing.
21. Learn about the tools available about affiliate marketing. Most of these tools are also available for free.
22. Create a website for your affiliate product.
23. Create a content-rich site about your affiliate product.
24. You can buy your own domain and even go for free hosting.

25. Don't copy and paste content from another affiliate site. You can use it as an example, but try to write your own content. Don't forget if you copy search engines may penalize you for duplicate content.
26. On your website give a clear review of the product. Don't just redirect your visitor to the product sales page.
27. People like freebies. Give them free e-books or discounts for visiting your site.
28. Create your own opt-in mail IDs and have your visitors subscribe to your newsletter.
29. Use these IDs in the future to follow up on the product or to inform your customers about your new product.

30. Don't SCAM.
31. You can even use these free e-books to promote your affiliate products by placing your affiliate links in it.
32. Promote your product using both free and pain methods.
33. Free methods are also as effective as paid methods.
34. Write lots of articles about your product and submit it to article directories.
35. Do a thorough keyword research about your product.
36. Don't stuff your articles with keywords.
37. Try to place the keyword in the title of the article.
38. Use the keyword in the starting line of the article.
39. Use the keyword sensibly throughout the article and in the last line of the article.
40. Submit your articles to article directories with high PR (page rank).
41. Don't submit the same article to lots of directories.
42. There are free tools to know the PR of a site.
43. Submit at least three or four articles to the top 10 PR sites.
44. Don't waste your articles by submitting to sites with low PR because these articles won't be indexed by search engines.
45. You can even outsource writing articles.
46. While selecting the domain name for your site, select the name that matches your best keyword.
47. Don't give long names to your site. Give a name that is short and easy to remember.
48. Write a blog about your affiliate product.
49. Pass the word to your friends and relatives.
50. Write a review article about your product. 

Tell truly about the pros and cons of your product in the review. Don't forget to emphasize more on the benefits of your products.